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Monday, November 9, 2009

Watch free online Mulan 花木兰 Mandarin movie Trailer Hong Kong Superhit Mulan 花木兰 Film review cast overview

Mulan 花木兰 Mandarin Movie

Action Movie

Cast & Crew

Movie: Mulan
Chinese: 花木兰
Director: Jingle Ma
Writer: Ting Zhang
Producer: Guangcheng Song
Release Date: November 27, 2009
Language: Mandarin
Country: China
Cast : Wei Zhao - Hua Mulan ,Jaycee Chan ,Jun Hu , Kun Chen , Vitas
Genre: Romance / Action / Drama

Mulan Movie Synopsis:

Based on the Chinese folk heroine Hua Mulan. When the country is threatened by invaders, a young girl defends her father by sneaking away from home and dressing up as a man to join an all-male army where she eventually assumes a historically critical role in defending the nation in a time of war.Watch online Movie Trailer free Mulan 花木兰 Mandarin Hong Kong film.The film Directed by Jingle Ma.

According to Chinese legend, there was a female warrior named Hua Mulan who joined the army to fight in place of her father. Mulan was reputed to be a very brave woman who disguised herself as a man and fought in combat for 12 years. She has become an iconic heroine in Chinese and western cultures alike.

Tthe young Mulan sees that her father has been conscripted into the army. Having no older brothers, she decides to dress as a man and goes to war in his place. She spends more than 10 years fighting alongside other male soldiers. Later, the emperor offers her a government post, but she turns it down saying that she would prefer to return home and see her family. At the end of the poem, Mulan finally reveals her female identity to her army comrades, who are shocked to see her as a woman. They set off together as symbolic male and female rabbits, running side by side as equals

PAINTED SKIN’s Vicki Zhao Wei has been selected to star in an upcoming fillm about Chinese folk heroine Hua Mulan, the same figure who inspired Disney’s 1998 animated feature MULAN. The news broke at a press conference in Beijing on February 10th where the film’s director Jingle Ma announced commencement of production.

Mulan Mandarin Chinese Film Review :

Hua Mulan is a war-faring female made famous in a Chinese collection of 12th century lyrics and poetry. When the country is threatened by invaders she sneaks away from home, dresses as a man and joins an all-male army where she eventually has a critical role in defending the nation in a time of war.

A feature film about Mulan has been in development for years with a number of actresses considered for the lead role including Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and Liu Yifei before Zhao was finally picked.
Prior to this official announcement, unconfirmed news had previously been leaked that Zhao had been engaged in horseback and combat training in preparation for the role.

Zhao remains best known in the U.S. for her supporting role opposite Stephen Chow in the action comedy SHOALIN SOCCER. As an active Mandarin pop singer and actress, Zhao is one of mainland China’s leading female entertainers. In 2008 she has prominent roles in Gordon Chan’s PAINTED SKIN and John Woo’s RED CLIFF. She is not an action star by trade but has had some screen fighting experience in past film and television roles under the action direction of veterans like Corey Yuen and Ching Siu-tung.

Chen Kun (PAINTED SKIN) will portray Mulan’s lover. Child actor Xu Jiao will play the young Mulan and Russian pop singer Vitas will make a cameo.

Jingle Ma is a prominent Hong Kong cinematographer-turned director with past action credits that include HOT WAR, TOKYO RAIDERS, SILVER HAWK, SEOUL RAIDERS, PLAYBOY COPS, and most recently BUTTERFLY LOVERS. His films typically possess high-value production and visual standards.

Hong Kong director Jingle Ma thinks mainland actress Zhao Wei is perfect for the role of folk heroine Hua Mulan.
"Zhao Wei has the qualities necessary to cross-play," Ma told the Beijing Times on Tuesday at a press conference for the film "Mulan", where he announced the start of filming.

Previous media reports suggested that Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh and Liu Yifei had all been considered for Hua Mulan, a young girl from ancient China's Northern Dynasties, who joined an all-male army to fight the enemies in place of her ailing father.
But the role eventually went to Zhao Wei, whose notable works include "Red Cliff" and "Painted Skin".
The character Hua Mulan was popularized in the West by the 1998 animated Disney film "Mulan".

But director Ma thinks the Hollywood Mulan doesn't match his impression of the heroine. "Zhao Wei's appearance is closer to that in my imagination," Ma says.
Last year, Ma took the directing baton of "Mulan" from Stanley Tong, who was reportedly hoping Zhang Ziyi could play Mulan.

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